What Makes Us Green?

We at Eco Ottawa Windows and Doors believe that energy conservation is one of the most important environmental issues we are faced with. We invest a great deal of effort in to making your home as energy efficient as possible lowering its impact on the environment as well as saving you money.

At Eco Ottawa Windows & Doors we custom fit each home to become solar passive by strategically placing the appropriate glass to optimize solar gain in the cold weather months and solar shade in the warm weather months. Our upgrades will ensure that you reduce your home’s carbon footprint. We believe in being environmentally responsible. All home improvement projects by Eco Ottawa Window & Doors are performed using only green and renewable building materials. Our disposal methods consist of a strong recycling program thus lessening the environmental impact.

Eco Ottawa Window & Doors never uses building materials that may be toxic to you or your family. Our products are 100% lead free and do not off gas.  We at Eco Ottawa Windows & Doors only offer our clients windows and doors that have a lifetime warranty. We believe that our products will stand the test of time, never making their way into a landfill.

With programs like the Canada Greener Home Grant, there’s never been a better time to improve your home.

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